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>> Wednesday, 17 June 2009

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Buzz..Buzz.. There was a sound from Tamarai room. She woke up, switched off the alarm and jumped out of the bed. She felt iciness once her toes touched the floor. She then walked towards the Air conditioner which is beside the corner window and increased the room temperature. Morning sunlight quickly entered in her room and showed the beauty of her room as she slided over the window curtains.

Its time for a coffee then, realized my sweet girl went to kitchen and prepared a cup of coffee and took it to hall. She sat in the nearby sofa with the gentle sip of coffee. Even she was feeling complete dopiness; she managed to find out the remote to watch her favorite programme. She switched on the television in search of a News channel. After a few minutes of roaming through the different channels, she found her favorite show - the tips of the day.

The programme was over then. Gotta make up for the office. She had shower and was almost ready to Office. She felt bored to eat her traditional breakfast a hotdog and French fries. So she decided to take breakfast in Vasantha Bhavan. The hotel is located nearby her office. She locked her home and took her Scooty pink color. She started the vehicle and drove gently towards Adayar Vasantha Bhavan branch.

She parked her scooty at Vasantha Bhavan two wheeler parking area. She entered in Vasantha Bhavan and Ordered her favorite South Indian break fast Pongal Vadai. She was waiting for her food and had a glance at the hotel. When she looked at the entrance, there was a small boy running towards the bill counter. Her mother shouted, “Nash! Don’t be hurry. Go slow”. Tamarai felt that the voice resembles her friend Lina. Yeah, her guess was correct. Lina came fast and took Nash to a table, which was next to Tamarai place. Lina not even noticed her. Tamarai and Lina were friends in undergraduate school. Both were from the same class and same place. After marriage, Lina went to his husband’s native place -Rome. Tamarai called her name Lina..Lina.. Suddenly Lina noticed Tamarai presence next to her. She was totally in glimpse of surprise. Both talked about their School days. Waiter came then and delivered Pongal Vadai. Lina also ordered same item for breakfast.

Lina told Tamarai that today John Nash wanted to eat outside, and so they came there. Further, Lina Continued, “We came here for a business trip. His father went to meet his friend”. Both of them talked about their work experience. Suddenly Tamarai noticed that 19 more minutes left to go to office. Lina also shouted at John Nash, “Don’t go far away from the table”. She noticed when he was going behind the hand wash place. Lina went there but she could not find her boy. She become terrified and shouted John.. John.. Tamarai rushed to that place and both of them searched through the hotel ended up with vain. They could not find him inside the hotel. They went out of the hotel in search of Nash. Tamarai had found where Nash was and pointed out the finger towards her scooty. John Nash was standing on the bike’s foot rest and smiled at them. Lina felt very happy, the moment john Nash smiled which swinged both of them to felicity.

Love and Care nurtures only when we are filled with happiness..!!!! Happy mother realized and my sweet little girl waiting for the moment to realize…

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Realization of Wrong Perception

>> Monday, 15 June 2009

There is a heavy traffic in MG road, Tamarai look at her watch , The digital display Titan watch displays 10.30 PM. There is a sound from her back side, Tamarai did you take tickets, her Mom asking to her, Tamarai whispering to her Mom that I took all the tags. When the taxi reached the International Airport, All of them get down in front of the departure hall outside. Tamarai get a call from her friend Lina, Lina said happy journey to her , Tamarai smiled and told thanks with mild tone. Tamarai enter into Airport all of her family members watch her till she get the boarding pass. After she told bye to her family members and move towards boarding pass gate number.

She Waiting in front of the Gate , Which they mention in boarding pass . After Flight came she get into that and find her seat. After a deep exhale she look at the windows, few seconds later one old man sitting next to her seat. He put his hand luggage at the cabin shelf and sit in his seat. The Air hostess announced flight will start another thirty seconds all passenger are request to wear seat belts . Tamarai´s seat belt is not in good condition. she called Air hostess but they are far from her seat, She asked help to the old person, but he started sleeping she called him but he not reply any thing, finally Air hostess came and help with that issue. Tamarai thinks that the old man is rough character. She got angry on him , when the flight reached Melbourne airport all of them ready to get out from the plane. She suddenly noticed that old man wore a Earring machine, her angry suddenly disappear she felt bad about her perception. Both are smiled and get out from flight.


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